About BabyLove

What is the “BabyLove Difference”?

It means that at BabyLove, we promise to:

  • To create an atmosphere that’s respectful of all families
  • To provide positive class experiences
  • To promote healthy birth outcomes via informed consent/refusal
  • To encourage families to make informed choices about birth places and care providers
  • To emphasize patient rights and autonomy
  • To offer classes that are family-centered and based on the most current medical evidence
  • To have classes taught by appropriately trained and certified professionals
  • To refer families to the most professional and proficient resources as needed

Having a baby can be overwhelming. It seems like there are endless things to learn, so many different opinions and scary stories out there, and a mountain of choices to make. BabyLove is here to help with everything. Our classes are all based on the most current information, the best practices, and are small enough so you can ask all of your questions.  You want a healthy birth and a healthy baby, and we want that for you, too. BabyLove classes are some of the most complete, most fact-filled, and best value you can find in the area.  You’ll get all the information you need to make decisions so you can have the birth you want.

What is BabyLove?
BabyLove is an independent childbirth education center where the focus is on top-notch education and support.  BabyLove is not affiliated with any hospital or birthcenter so that we can make sure that the quality and content of the classes won’t ever be compromised by administrative demands.  BabyLove is reinventing childbirth education, creating a happy balance between the consistency and affordability of hospital classes and the flexibility and excellence of independent classes, all in a warm and inviting space that’s only ours.  Are you giving birth in a hospital? At home? At a birthcenter? BabyLove classes will cover everything you need to know to have the safe and healthy birth you deserve.