Private Classes

($60/ hour, class fees for each class below)

Lamaze is no longer all about breathing! Increase confidence, decrease fear with our fun, interactive classes.

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Please contact us by phone at 651-200-3343 or email us at: to schedule any of these classes today!


  • Private Childbirth Class (6 hours, $360): Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Comfort Measures, and Postpartum
  • Private Refresher Childbirth Class (2 hours, $120):Covers a review of Birth, Comfort Measures, Postpartum, and Siblings
  • Private Breastfeeding Class (2 hours, $120): Covers Starting Breastfeeding, Normal Feeding, and Pumping
  • Private Labor Skills (2 hours, $120): Covers Advanced Comfort Measures, Breathing, and Relaxation NOT A SUBSTITUTE for a Private Childbirth Class
  • Private Cesarean Birth (2 hours, $120): Covers Signs of Labor, Cesarean Birth, Recovery, and Postpartum
  • Private Cloth Diapering and Babywearing (1.5 hours, $90): Covers same content as the group class
  • Private Birth Choices After Cesarean (1.5 hours, $90): Covers guidelines, risks, and ways to acheive a VBAC
  • Private Baby Care (2 hours, $120): Covers same content as the group class

Contact us directly by phone at 651-200-3343 or by email at to discuss your needs. Class fee includes all materials and handouts and covers the attendance of the mother and one support person (which can be a husband, partner, family member, or friend).