FAQ for Docs and Midwives

  • Why should my patients take classes at BabyLove?- Classes at BabyLove are all based on the best medical evidence and are not opinion-based. The goal is to help parents achieve a safe and healthy birth and to understand when interventions are necessary. Compared with classes that are not evidence-based, Lamaze childbirth classes and classes based on Lamaze’s Healthy Birth Practices can more significantly reduce the risk of adverse outcomes and the unnecessary use of resources. Additionally, class sizes are limited to 10 families and costs can be a significant savings over other area class options.
  • Do you promote one birth setting over another?- As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I believe that healthy, safe, and satisfying births can take place in hospitals, birth centers, or at home when skilled and compassionate care providers are involved. I do encourage families to find a setting that will best fit their desires and is appropriate for their pregnancy’s risk level. Beyond that,
  • Wait. I thought Lamaze was a method that only encouraged “natural” birth.- Since the mid-1980s, Lamaze ceased to be a breathing-based method to help mothers avoid pain medication and instead switched to having classes that helped parents better understand pregnancy and childbirth, helped parents understand various interventions, and gave them various tools and skills to use for both labor and in other aspects of their lives. There is a time and place for every intervention (including pain medication), and prenatal education serves as the best way to make sure families are making informed decisions about their care. The main difference between Lamaze and other childbirth education organizations is the emphasis on giving parents the most up to date, accurate information possible and not placing an emphasis on birth having to go a specific way.
  • Why aren’t you affiliated with any hospital systems?- BabyLove was not designed to be a gigantic organization with multiple locations. BabyLove, at it’s heart, is a community-based resource where families know they can always get reliable information and assistance. To that end, the decision has been made to stay independent, but to gradually work on getting in network with more and more health insurance companies.
  • Why don’t you have more classes that are specific for home birth or hospital birth?- I understand that it can be nerve-wracking to expose the families you work with to things that might not be an option in the setting you work in. For a few years, I taught at a hospital where the midwife and OB patients were in the same classes, and it only enhanced their learning experiences. I know families are best off when they can hear the viewpoints’ of other people; they discover they have more in common than not. And the best communities are inclusive, not exclusive. And again, even when classes have families making different choices, no one choice is ever stated to be superior over another.
  • How do you determine which providers to refer patients to? Check out this handy FAQ.


If you have more questions or want more information, please feel free to call or email. Rack cards and fliers can be sent to you. Additionally, I have created a downloadable PDF of BabyLove services with a complete rundown on classes and other options offered, including prices and information for UCare members.