Birth Doula Services

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BabyLove’s sister non-profit The BabyLove Alliance, Ltd is proud to offer doula services to all families, but with a difference. We offer income-based sliding scale fees to everyone. No matter what your circumstances, we’re proud to make quality, reliable, dedicated doula care available to everyone. 

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The BabyLove Alliance, Ltd is proud to offer doula services to all families. Currently, our services are covered for families with Medical Assistance. For employer-based insurance plans, doula services are not a covered benefit, but you can pay for doula care with FSA or HSA dollars and your fee is determined based on your income. Please consult with your tax professional for verification.

Birth doula services include:

  • Client intake to learn about each family’s unique needs
  • Two to three prenatal visits with your birth doulas
  • Coordinated care with other organization professionals as needed
  • Ongoing communication and support with your birth doulas via phone or email
  • Continuous doula support during your active labor and birth and up to two hours after birth
  • One postpartum visit with a birth doula

Birth Doula Services Payment Scale

Combined Family Income   Birth Doula Fee
Under $15,000 $150
$15000 to $29,999 $225
$30,000 to $44,999 $355
$45,000 to $59,999 $475
$60,000 to 74,999 $600
$75,000 to $89,999 $650
$90,000 to $104,999 $725
$105,000 to $119,000 $775
$120,000 and up $800

For more information and to schedule a consultation, email Veronica at or call 651-200-3343


Why are your prices lower than the current rate for individual doulas?

As a non-profit organization, it’s part of our mission to make sure that our services are offered on a sliding fee when insurance doesn’t cover a service. Our leadership believes in the importance of doula services, but doesn’t think you should have to pay more than what you pay for monthly rent to have one.

How are your doulas paid? Do I pay them too?

They are paid hourly and no, you don’t pay them separately. That would get confusing!